26 Feb 2022

Statamic Tip: Using Tailwind Classes as Select Options

Using Tailwind CSS when creating your Statamic site gets stuff done in no time. You can work even faster - and save a bunch of conditionals - by simply telling Tailwind to also check your fieldsets for classes used.

statamic tailwindcss
19 Feb 2022

Excluding Scripts and Parts of Templates in Statamic Live Preview

Sometimes you might want to not include certain parts (like tracking scripts) in your site when viewing the live preview. Here's how this can be achieved using a custom Antlers tag.

17 Feb 2022

Minimalistic User Statistics with Matomo's Server Log Analytics

Taking a look at using server logs to set up website analytics without the need to invade my users' privacy with tracking scripts.

analytics privacy
13 Feb 2022

Lesson learned: Monitor your Cronjobs

Cronjobs are a very useful tool, but if they fail the damage can be critical. Luckily there are convenient tools to make sure your jobs actually run as planned.

laravel statamic
4 Feb 2022

Laravel Passport vs Sanctum - How to Chose the Right Solution

Laravel has two options for authenticating APIs, and the difference between those two can be hard to grasp. Here's a quick guide to help you chose the right package for your app.

laravel saas
27 Jan 2022

CSS Fluid Typography - Clamp() vs Calc()

Comparing the two most popular methods of achieving fluid typography in CSS and finding a well-supported and accessible implementation using TailwindCSS.

css tailwindcss accessibility