6 Dec 2022

Installing a Private Starter Kit in Statamic

Statamic Starter Kits are great, but you might not always want to make them public. Here is how to install one from a private repository.

11 Aug 2022

Setting up Your Mac for Local Statamic Development

Setting up a new Macbook for local development of Laravel and Statamic sites in less then half an hour.

3 Jul 2022

Storing Files in Hetzner Volumes with Laravel and Statamic

A quick tutorial on how to create Hetzner volumes and use them as massive filesystems in Laravel and Statamic projects.

statamic laravel
8 Jun 2022

How to Stay Sane as a Developer

Freelance development is a stressful business. Here are a few things I learned over the years that make developing projects and working with clients a lot more manageable.

health freelancer
6 May 2022

Statamic Tip: Invalidating Static Cache on Content Update

Static caching gives your site a speed boost, but it can also lead to inconsistent content. Here's how you automatically clear exactly the right pages from your static cache.

30 Apr 2022

Statamic Starter Kits vs WordPress Themes

WordPress has themes, Statamic has starter kits - both let you set up a new site quickly, but the approaches are quite different. Here are the main distinctions you should keep in mind when moving from WordPress to Statamic.

11 Apr 2022

Statamic Tip: Using Forms with Static Caching

Static Caching gives your site a speed boost, but sadly it also breaks any forms you may have. Here's how you can have the best of both worlds.

7 Apr 2022

Intro to Custom Form Handling in Statamic

A quick look at how we can use the standard Statamic forms but add our own submission handling to create a custom newsletter signup form.

2 Apr 2022

Setting Up Statamic Sites with Ploi

Deploy tools are a godsend when you create websites for a living. Here's how can save you a ton of time when working with Statamic.

19 Mar 2022

Statamic's Caching Levels Explained

Hardly any website would be usable today without some sort of caching - let's take a look at all the ways Laravel and Statamic cache information to help your website's performance.

statamic laravel
8 Mar 2022

Statamic Tip: Showing Random Entries with Static Caching

Static caching is a great way to increase your website performance, but it does present some obstacles. Since the entire site is served as HTML, it's not possible to show random content to the user with Antlers. Let's look at some workarounds.

statamic alpinejs
4 Mar 2022

Statamic Tip: Protecting Documents from Unauthorized Access

By default, any asset you upload to your Statamic control panel can be accessed by anyone on the internet. Here's an easy way to make sure only authorized users can download them instead.